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Last updated date: 7/1/2024


Receiving a benefit

When {EELABEL6} retire

When {EELABEL6} retire, {EELABEL7} get a monthly payment for the rest of {EELABEL2} life – a pension – based on {EELABEL2} age, earnings, and years of service.

To begin receiving {EELABEL1} PERA benefit when {EELABEL7} retire, submit the Application for Benefits to PERA.

Withdrawal rules

{EELABEL6CAP} can't withdraw money from {EELABEL2} PERA account while still employed by the county. If {EELABEL6} leave the county before {EELABEL7} retire, {EELABEL7} can request a refund of {EELABEL2} contributions plus interest or leave the money in {EELABEL2} account. If {EELABEL6} request a refund, it will not include any of the county's contributions.

Learn more

Visit the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) website to view more plan details, estimate {EELABEL1} pension benefit, or apply for benefits payment.


If you are vested and you die before you retire and begin receiving your pension, PERA provides your survivors with benefits in the following succession:

  • Spouse: Your spouse can receive a lifetime or term (e.g., 10-year, 15-year, 20-year) surviving spouse benefit
  • Child(ren): If you do not have a spouse, your children under age 20 qualify for a monthly benefit as long as they were dependent on you for more than 50% of their support
  • Named beneficiary: If you are not survived by a spouse or dependent, your named beneficiary will receive your accumulated contributions, plus interest

Log into the PERA website to update your beneficiaries.