Receiving a benefit

When {EELABEL6} retire

When {EELABEL6} retire, {EELABEL7} get a monthly payment for the rest of {EELABEL2} life – a pension – based on {EELABEL2} age, earnings, and years of service.

To begin receiving {EELABEL1} PERA benefit when {EELABEL7} retire, submit the Application for Benefits to PERA.

Withdrawal rules

{EELABEL6CAP} can't withdraw money from {EELABEL2} PERA account while still employed by the county. If {EELABEL6} leave the county before {EELABEL7} retire, {EELABEL7} can request a refund of {EELABEL2} contributions plus interest or leave the money in {EELABEL2} account. If {EELABEL6} request a refund, it will not include any of the county's contributions.

Learn more

Visit the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) website to view more plan details, estimate {EELABEL1} pension benefit, or apply for benefits payment.



If {EELABEL3} vested and {EELABEL7} die before {EELABEL7} retire and begin receiving {EELABEL2} pension, PERA provides {EELABEL2} survivors with benefits in the following succession:

  • Spouse: {EELABEL1CAP} spouse can receive a lifetime or term (e.g., 10-year, 15-year, 20-year) surviving spouse benefit
  • Child(ren): If {EELABEL6} do not have a spouse, {EELABEL2} children under age 20 qualify for a monthly benefit as long as {EELABEL7} were dependent on {EELABEL14} for more than 50% of their support
  • Named beneficiary: If {EELABEL3} not survived by a spouse or dependent, {EELABEL2} named beneficiary will receive {EELABEL2} accumulated contributions, plus interest

Log into the PERA website to update {EELABEL1} beneficiaries.